Francesc Campoy / @francesc


Title To be Determined

Francesc Campoy is going to give a workshop about Go development. Soon we will have the description.

Before You Come To Class

The following is a set of tasks that can be done prior to showing up for class. We will also do this in class if anyone has not completed it. However, the more attendees that complete this ahead of time the more time we have to cover additional training material.

Joining the Go Slack Community

We use a slack channel to share links, code, and examples during the training. This is free. This is also the same slack community you will use after training to ask for help and interact with may Go experts around the world in the community.

  1. Using the following link, fill out your name and email address:
  2. Check your email, and follow the link to the slack application. Join the conference channel by clicking on this link:
  3. Click the “Join Channel” button at the bottom of the screen.

Installing Go

Local Installation

We do not recommend using homebrew or apt-get.


Fluent English is a prerequisite.

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